Compound Words

(Compound Words - Literacy teaching resource featuring 10 slides)

Key Stage : 1

Literacy Teaching Resources : Compound Words

Compound Words is a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation focusing on how to identify compound words and  improve writing skills.

This Powerpoint lesson explores how the use of compound words can help to develop word level skills in reading and writingLiteracy Teaching Resources: Compound Words includes the following tasks and activities:

   1. Definition of Compound Words with examples.
   2. Identifying smaller words in a compound word task.
   3. Question and answer slides to enable peer assessment in the classroom.
   4. Using imagery to build compound words activity.
   5. Consolidation of understanding.
   6. Two Compound Words interactive games links.

Literacy Teaching Resources: Compound Words is a fully editable resource so you could use it as a quick starter activity to a literacy lesson or incorporate it into an existing resource, lesson or scheme of work.

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